2/8 Saviors & Demons


What we are NOT tracking   
We are not tracking words or performance in the moment. Everybody can do everything. We are not tracking whether you are good or bad at, or like or hate your Saviors and Demons. We see the Savior and Demon tracking game the same as we see lie detection. For example, caring about others doesn’t mean you have Savior Fe. Seeing and caring about the “bigger picture” doesn’t mean you have Savior Intuition.  

What we ARE tracking  
We are tracking their fear or acceptance of the responsibility of a Function.  We are tracking the recurring life patterns that show up from time spent on Saviors / lack of time spent on Demons.  We watch for a person’s emotional spikes in context to the rest of their speech patterns.  If they spike emotion when talking about tribe related issues, we want to see that in context with how they manage control and chaos issues.

Savior State   
RESPONSIBLE: I’m responsible, so I spend my time on this.
CONFIDENCE: I can work through the struggles here.
OBVIOUS: Let me just do that for you, thank me later.
Because people spend the majority of their day in their Savior Functions, they can manage the ups and downs of those Functions.

Demon State    
TIDAL WAVES: I'm not responsible, someone else is.
FEAR/PAIN: Why does this keep happening to me?
PEACOCKING: I secretly want to be good at this.
Because people spend only a small portion of their day in their Demon Functions, there is no mastery there and they’ll show it in their emotions.