9/8 Typing Oprah


1) Get to Know Them  
When you meet someone in real life, how much do you really know about them after just an hour? Not much. It takes time (many hours and/or days) to spend the time to watch and get to know a person. You’re working to track what they really fear, not surface level anecdotes like everyone else.

2) Eliminate The Easy Parts   
We do not "type" people, we simply eliminate all the "coins" they could not be.
For example, Oprah is obviously not a super Introverted ST type of some kind.
So to keep it simple and safe, we would ask if Oprah is closer to Elon Musk or Tony Robbins.
These questions will often give you only a few coins you can remove, but it gets your brain thinking.

3) Work the Checklist   
Like a chess game, we are using every step in a strategy to narrow down a person's type.
For example, if I know Oprah is a Single Decider, I can then focus on narrowing her down to an IxxP or ExxJ. Once I see that she is Tribe above Self (ExxJ) I can then focus in on her Observers, and so on.

4) Use Cross Checks  
Never look at just one part alone, everything is in a coin.
For example, if I suspect that Oprah has Savior Intuition, I better be seeing Demon Sensory. Most of my first assumptions are wrong, so I want to be the one to catch myself.  Cross checks help to catch my errors.