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• Q&A: OPS 2019 update & thank you! 

• Q&A: 128 Introvert / Extrovert Spectrum 

• Q&A: Good Typing procedure example

• Q&A: Delusions of reality?

Class: Hannah Hart (077)

Meetup: October 12th, Mountain View, CA (See link for details)

Q&A: 3 Favorite Alphas

• Q&A: Why is the FM visual modality so rare?

• Q&A: Generational Patterns?

• Q&A: Modality Tidal Waves?

• Class: Lisa Kudrow (076)

• Q&A: Overlap between DISC and OP?

• Q&A: Double activated Animals vs Saviors?

• Q&A: AI reading facial features? 

• Q&A: Difference between Si/Ne and Se/Ni?

• Class: Bronnie Ware (075)

Q&A: OPS overlap with 23&Me results?

• Q&A: Narcissism a Double Observer issue?

• Q&A: Differences of people of the exact type?

• Q&A: Typing people with "Complexes"?

• Class: Chip Conley (074)

• Q&A: Grant Function Stack & Jumpers 

• Q&A: Can extreme upbringing modify type?

• Q&A: Terminology of Modalities & Animals?

• Q&A: Driven by fear now or fear later?

• Class: Dale Dye (073)

Q&A: Does OP lead to self-loathing?

• Q&A: Double Down on your strengths? 

• Q&A: Sexuals: Sensory and De?

• Q&A: OPS Ai and Genetics?

• Class: Bob Lazar (072)

Q&A: Why have all the same cups?  

• Q&A: Savior Di and self esteem?  

• Q&A: Do we get infinite chances?  

• Q&A: Alternative 128 layout for typing

• Class: Liz Gilbert (071)

Q&A: Outsourcing Demons?   

• Q&A: Savior Ti putting on a Fe-mask?   

• Q&A: Where are biases coming from?   

• Q&A: Cast your pearls among swine?

• Class: JP Sears (070)

Q&A: Connection between parents and kids?   

• Q&A: How can I stop Consuming?  

• Q&A: Demon Thinkers?

• Q&A: Three Truths?

• Class: Melinda Gates (069)

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